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Sick And Tired

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I am always being blamed
For actions that don’t match with mine
And I have sacrificed my social freedom to say
“You are all cowards inside”
Because I am sick of being stepped on
And being pushed from behind
And I am sick of people saying
“You kids have lost your minds”
But we have lost nothing but our own free will
And the right to stand up and speak
And I am sick of my own peers telling me
That my generation is so weak
And that everything has been refined in life
And no one is the same
And that nothing is gonna last in life
And we have our selves to blame
And I am sick and tired of no one responding
To my cries for help inside
Because everyone is selfish
Inside their own minds
And I am sick of hearing the same thing
About how life is upside-down
And that nothing is going to stay the same
So why bother with it now?
And I am sick of people correcting
What I feel is very right
And I am sick of people telling me
To turn down my music
When they stay up talking to themselves
In the middle of the night
But mostly I am sick of people insulting
The way I feel about life
And I am really sick of people telling me
That I am doing wrong
When I am doing right
But I am really sick of people saying
That I don’t know what’s been going on
When my observations have been correct so far
Since the break of dawn

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