Free Thought: Disclaimer

The articles found at this site do not necessarily reflect the beliefs or views held by the webmaster or the other contributors. However, all contributors are assumed to be in favor of free thought.

Nothing at this site is meant to intentionally insult anyone's particular beliefs. However, we do not pledge to go to great pains to avoid stepping on everyone's toes (which is probably impossible anyway). You are not meant to take offense at what is posted here, though you may depending on your particular mode of thought. If you choose to take offense, remember that it was not intended.

I use the term "free thinking" very loosely, as you can see by my attributing it to agnostics, atheists and deists alike. Basically, I use this term to apply to anyone who actively seeks a better understanding of the truth (whatever that is) by exploring all possible methods available. It also implies that the individual does not impose any limits on his search or on his thinking in general.

If you submit something to this site, the webmaster retains the right to post and perhaps edit your submission. Anything submitted is still regarded as the intellectual property of it's author, however by submitting it you are granting that it may be posted and possibly edited by the webmaster. All submissions are welcome, however submitting something does not garantee that it will be posted on this site. If you choose to submit something that opposes the general views expressed on this site, it is likely that your submission will be posted with a rebuttal. You are welcome to submit rebuttals of articles or rebuttals yourself. Remember though, once you submit something, you grant the webmaster the right to post your submission for any duration of time he sees fit.

Enjoy the site, keep an open mind, and hopefully you will be exposed to new ideas. Hopefully these new ideas will get you to think, to question, and to achieve a higher plane of knowledge. This is meant to be a learning experience for all involved! =)

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